Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My heart goes out to all the people and animals suffering in the Gulf Coast in which their livelihoods are being destroyed by the oil spill.

I pray that the oil can be capped so that no more oil leaks out. Also hope that many will join hands and dedicate their time and energy in the cleanup without waiting for the permission from the government or BP. Further delay could cause irreparable damage.

People on the East Coast, be prepared for the worse disaster our oceans have ever experienced and do not think for a second that we will not be affected. Everyone must look into their own hearts and dedicate some of our time to help out in this crisis without waiting for payment from the government or BP to get started.

We only have one planet between us all to share and protect..... and now repair.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Faux Brick Project

Had a wonderful time last weekend re-doing my daughter's bedroom in faux brick using materials left over from being a painting contractor several years ago. It did not cost a dime! I was thinking there always has to be something to run out the door for, but I had everything I needed. It was a miracle to say the least.

My daughter is very talented as she took instruction very well when I showed her the technique of putting the brick on using a stencil template. When I did this kind of thing for a living, it was always particularly challenging to train newcomers to decorative painting as everyone has their own signature technique. In other words, if you want to have it look consistent over the entire wall have only one person doing it. Otherwise, it turns out looking like a variety show with different patterns showing up at less opportune moments, with the possibility of having to start over.

But, when you find the right person who listens well and does a good job at copying your is worth more than gold to a decorative painter. Looks like I found that in my very own daughter. Now, don't worry that I am one of those parents who will want her to "follow" in my footsteps to gain some kind of living my life through my kids routine. It just makes me smile knowing that my daughter somehow inherited my "gene" and goes to show that sometimes artistic talent runs in families.

When someone shows talent in your family always encourage this, even if they do something entirely different, as artistic ability is a rare gem indeed that needs to have that one mentor in their life to really make that talent blossom. I never really fully developed my creative ability as no one, except myself, knew that I would make it a career later in life. Just think if one has a mentor in the field that can show the possibilities of creation in it's full splendour! Create or die should be the motto!