Sunday, November 8, 2009

Not Easy Being Green, But Easy Being a Green Lizard

As you probably already know I am trying my best to be as green as possible. But, like everyone I can make some mistakes along the way. I'm still learning, and perhaps experiencing what life must have been like before the dawn of chemical pesticides that inspired the book "Silent Spring".

I don't use pesticides on my lawn and have not for about 3 years now and its amazing how the animal life seems to know this and gravitate to my little slice of eco heaven. I am inundated with grasshoppers, preying mantis and all sorts of birds that are just ecstatic that I have such a wide variety of insects that I don't even have to put out birdseed to attract them.

I admit, I was skeptical in the beginning as I lost several vegetable garden crops when my mini-eco system was unbalanced. But, now there seems to be a balance going on with the different species taking their part.

My mosquito population is down as an upswing of my insect zoo like conditions. Plus my herd of green little Jedi's seem to know through "The Force" that their little asses will be sprayed organic soap if they do not defeat the "bad" insects that drift in from the farmer's field to feast on my veg. So far it seems to be working.

Plus there has been an explosion of green lizards that seem to gravitate to my shed and all hang out around the door sunning themselves. We even had some accidentally make it into the house, so we had to run after them double time (because the insects they eat are very nutritious, sort of like the Backstreet Boys on wheat grass)

It becoming a veritable Galapagos Island around here. Maybe I should start selling tickets!

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I love the background at the top of your blog.