Monday, April 20, 2009

Allergies killing me!

My allergies are killing me! Sorry I haven't blogged in a while, its just that I've been dealing with pollen attacks with all the pine trees around this area.... giving off there poofs of greenish yellow powder stuff which has a tendency to go right up my nose as soon as I open the front door.

Plus while I was cleaning out the shed I ran into some rat's nests that made a mess of everything including making my allergies worse. I am surrounded by farmer's fields so when they plow their fields they run up into my territory! Those rascally rodents cut through the power cords of most of my electric equipment including my re-chargeable weed eater, my juicer (which I put out there temporarily!) and my compressor.

So I've been dealing with my rodent/pollen allergies using my nettie pot, which looks very much like a genie bottle, to flush out the pollen/rodent fluff in my nasal cavity by filling it up with salt water. It goes through one nostril while one is uncharacteristically bent over the sink while all the dirt, etc (and I mean etc!), gets wash out through the other nostril!

On top of that, I nearly caused a forest fire on Sunday by burning the extracted carpet that was in the shed, which in turn, because it was slightly hanging out of the outdoor fireplace, caught some of the brush on fire! I ran full speed with my water hose toward the spreading fire, getting snapped back as I hit a large knotted kink in the hose (don't you just hate those!) , so I had to quickly try to un-do the tangle while shouting at top lungs for my daughter to come out and help me. She came out with a shocked look on her face and said "should I call 911?", I thought for a second and glanced at the fire that was licking an overhanging tree and said "no I've got it under control, just run and get a bucket". Glad it was not my famous last words.

All is well....tending to a large burnt spot on my lawn, putting down rat poison, trying to find someone to re-wire my equipment....hey wait, why does that shed light not work anymore even though I just changed the bulb?

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ManicMushroomGlass said...

LOL! Allergies arent your only problem...