Sunday, August 22, 2010

Love Letter to Myself

Love Letter to Myself

Now, before any of you start laughing at me, this is a valuable exercise that might just save your life. Are you the type of person who puts relationships before goals by any chance? Do you long for someone to show you an absolute expression of true love, perfect and unconditional without strings attached, but your last partner was the polar opposite? Believe it or not, there are people out there who never had someone tell them they will be loved, supported and protected until the end of time. Seriously. Who would not appreciate a no-holds-barred love letter that expresses hot, passionate and steamy appreciation for your charms, including the scented rose petals at the bottom of the envelope? Now wouldn’t it be nice if you could express that heartfelt love to yourself? Here it is: We can absolutely find everything we need to survive if we make ourselves the object of our own love. Sounds simple, but look at the results: You would start to see that you deserve to carry out your dreams and not wait for a future partner to give this to you. We will stop wasting our time dating people, we know in our heart of hearts, will never be there for us when the going gets real tough. We will start to completely wrap ourselves with the true nature of love that we will learn to spot an imposter of love. So here it goes. Move aside Mr. McSteamy, for today I am devoted to expressing my heartfelt love to myself!
Dearest Me,
I have never met a more intelligent, sexy and beautiful person who is gorgeous on the outside as well as the inside. If you have any flaws at all, it makes you a better person, because I would not want you any other way. Just remember that I am no ordinary lover, but one who can actually promise to have your back for the rest of your life. I will never let you down. When you are down in the dumps, I will lift you out, by reminding you that life is an adventure and we are explorers of our universe together and always. I promise to hold you in high regard and not dampen your spirit when you encounter your darkest hours. When you have a dream you want to realize to its full potential, I will give you my fullest support both financially and emotionally and never to put any obstacles or roadblocks, of my own making, in your way. I will be there to carry out your every need and desire by making you a priority in life because I know that will make me happy too. I will never give up on our love because it is the truest thing we will ever encounter in our lifetime. I have never been more certain that this love is a divine gift that is worth protecting and safeguarding. I love thee ever so!

Lovingly Yours,

Your Divine Soulmate

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