Sunday, August 8, 2010

Whatever comes to mind

Sorry I have not Blogged in such a long time people! I've been so busy with just crazy life stuff that I got sidetracked. I just finished up these baroque chandelier earrings for Etsy and will be creating a lot more to show you here shortly.

Just finished up some classes at the local college as well to stay updated on my computer skills, so it left little time to dilly dally with social networking sites. I am busting my ass now to get caught up on my math skills in order to get signed up to a green technology program at another local college.

There are very few jobs here, so I might as well utilize my time getting some schooling done, so by the time the economy improves I will hope to make better use of my newfangled skills!


Karena said...

Adore these earrings and I will look at your other fab items!

A New Giveaway is on my site!

Art by Karena

charkstudios said...

Thanks Karena! You are fabulous!