Saturday, May 30, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

Sorry it took so long to post this picture, but I came down with a pretty nasty bug which keeps on trying to invade my lungs!

Yeah, last weekend was a blast out in a friends boat on the NC coastline. There were a lot of crazy drunken boat drivers on the waterway. Most passing on the wrong side, speeding in a no wake zone, making obscene gestures when they think you're going to slow (the "air oar" signal). Hopefully, only the assholes were stuck in the sandbars (comes from speeding during low tide and paying too much attention to the female guests on your boat) needing the rescue tow guys in the yellow or orange boats.

We tried to rescue a small boat stuck on a sandbar, but my friend's boat was getting sand up in his inboard motor so we had to give up after the second attempt. The first attempt at throwing the rope to this guy was a disaster as he let it go trying to pull it back to the boat (loaded with a bunch of drunk girls) and he dropped the rope while he was distracted by one of the "loaded" girls jumping up and down waving her hands in the air. We yelled at him the second attempt to hold on to the rope while we try to back in closer, but he dropped it again thinking he could pull our huge boat towards his little dingy! What a ding bat. We gave up on him just as other Good Samaritans were honing in to help him, or just rescue the girls and leave him stranded!


Mickey Johnson said...

...sounds like an interesting but fun day. memorial weekend does seem to bring about excess in some people. at least you tried to help. i used to do counseling and one of the things i told my clients is that when i start to work harder at you than you do, it's time to move on...sounds like you guys knew it was time to move on and made the most of your day! xo, mickey

QueenBe said...

Im a huge boater, too..... you never know what extra adventures there are on a day of boating! Sounds interesting!

QueenBe said...

Not sure if my first message came up or not, but wow that sounds like an interesting day! Im a huge boater too and you never know what will happen out on the water ;)