Sunday, June 7, 2009

Chark's Crisis Garden!

Here is my crisis garden! I call it crisis garden as food prices are going up with the price of gas and they have the nerve to put it into smaller packages! I am livid. But, when you really need a garden to flourish that's when the plagues of the Bible invade the garden all at one time. For example: It' taken forever to see any fruit growth on my stayed at one inch for 2 weeks until I nuked it with miracle grow. I was trying to stay with the organic variety of fertilizer but it takes longer to "kick in" so I had to relent and use chemical fertilizer which will "zing" it into a growth spurt.

On top of that I've got another Organic garden in the back toward the woods, but I get invaded by rabbits and deer who actually munched down my snap peas....which were growing quite good...had it growing up some branched out twigs from my wood pile...until those rascally vermin came along and nipped off the tops...I went out there and exclaimed that it was not so bad as it was only the fact it might make it grow better and branch out...but they came back the following night and finished the job and ate the whole lot! There goes my nights of stir fried snap peas coated in a sweet and sour sauce on rice! It sounds like its going to be stewed fresh rabbit and venison on the menu my dearies!

On top of that all my mustard greens have got huge bug holes in them, my last year's strawberries did not come up this year....they were choked out by the weeds while I had a "real" job and did not have time to pull them out, my tomatoes that I grew from seed died so I had to go down to the local plant store and buy them in. The positive thing is that they seem to be doing well as they have a natural toxin that keeps bugs and fauna away, thank God! At least I can have tomato and mayonnaise sandwiches!

Let me know how everyone else is doing in their gardens while we are enduring the worse financial catastrophe in human history. Hopefully, we will not be all bent down with our long hippie hair flowing around us and eating our chemically "enhanced" lawn as it's the only thing growing in our eco-imbalanced world we live in! Joy to the world...all the girls and boys to the fishes in the deep blue to you and me...

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