Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Blueberry Festival

Our town had it's 6th annual blueberry festival and I had a booth in the nice air conditioning of my friend's shop while everyone else had booths out in the hot sun with the high reaching 96 degrees! They probably made more sales out there however because the crowds were huge this year despite the recession and the heat. We just got the people who just wanted to cool off rather than any serious buyers and walk off with their core temp regulated again.

Despite my complaining, I did get a chance to see some of my friends who came by to see if I was still alive after quitting my job 3 months ago. Of course, they did not buy anything, but they kind of visually picked me over to see if my cheeks were sucked in from the malnutrition that comes along with the territory. But my blush that I apply along my cheekbones kinda creates the illusion that I am more emaciated than I really am.

I actually got phone numbers from people who want some custom work done, so it was not such a bad day for me.


Rachel said...

Glad I came across your blog !! Pretty small shells !! lol..
Rachel Gaffney

charkstudios said...

Thanks Rachel! Maybe if I got the shells from Ireland they would be bigger because of the nutrient rich lush land you've got over there! lol...! I enjoy your blog tremendously!