Thursday, June 18, 2009

Novelty Item

I'm real excited about my adult novelty item I will be placing in my shop! I had about as much fun as a person can handle while I was sugaring the shells with some Martha Stewart crystal fine glitter. It just had to have some bling of course...why not.

One thing I was not happy about was using myself as a model. I had to squish my boobs together while strapping that thing on to make it look like I had some sort of cleavage. Plus dustings of bronzer in the middle of my chest to make a shadow appear out of nowhere! You will need to depress the Etsy badge on my site to visit the results of that fiasco.

I need to hurry up now and create some more hemp jewelry for my craft booth for my town's little blueberry festival. It's such a small town that I don't think I can put out my adult party wear. I might keep it behind the counter and whip it out like some Chinese herbal shop that keeps adult toys in the James Bond style hidden cabinets.

1 comment:

cappy sue creations said...

cant wait to see your adult items sound like to much fun and yay I hear ya about small towns. Oh almost choked on my coffee laughing about the cleavage. If it is any consolation I hate shirts with buttons :)