Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Deep Meaning and Intent

I enjoy working on pieces of art that are infused with intent or help the wearer focus. I read a book at Barnes & Noble that contained inspirational one of a kind objects. They were so dripping with intent such as positive energy or good luck that one could not help trying to create one of these talismans. Yeah, I'm one of those people sitting in those comfy chairs, gobbling up literature without buying....just as long as they continue to allow it.

I started thinking of my own interests such a yoga. I already know there exists the traditional yoga type meditation beads that help the meditation sequence. This is typically 108 beads strung on a cord with a main guru bead in which you stop at.... not going over it but in effect....turning around again and repeating a mantra or just focusing on breathing. It also can be divvied up into 57 beads or 27 beads for varied design in a bracelet.

I like taking it to a non traditional level by saying "Why can't it be different?" such as just making the beads square, or adding another element of surprise such as an actual Buddhist text baked on to the piece. Just as long as it helps the person focus on the meditation and develop an inner peace.

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