Sunday, August 30, 2009


I frequent blogs that pose the question "Are we being visited by UFO's"? You can say it is a hobby of mine. I would like to think that if we are being visited that we would not be destroyed by "them".

However, it is more likely that they are here to tell us we are destroying ourselves, and offering up information that could help us out of our mess.

Here is why we must keep asking questions, rather than ignoring the UFO phenomenon:

1) Their civilization has been advancing for perhaps millions of years ahead of us and they found a way to not destroy themselves in the process. We should be salivating on ourselves to want to find out how they did it. Look how far we have come in just 100 years. Just imagine how much you could achieve in a million years. So of course they found a way to travel more efficiently through space. It would be silly if they didn't.

2) When you become more advanced, the ability to control the weather and things such as solar flares becomes feasible. Thus survival of a race of intelligent beings is more likely. Less chance of being destroyed by a huge meteor as allegedly happened to the dinosaur era. It is not that far fetched as we are already experimenting with shooting enemy missiles out of the sky, multiply this million fold and you got a meteor buster.

3) They have either discovered a way to live longer so they can travel long distances, or have found a way to use wormholes as a method of shortening the time needed to travel. Either way, this would be useful information.

4) We need to eliminate our dependency on oil. Whatever propels those alien craft uses an energy source that is extremely efficient. Our government already knows this, as they allegedly spent trillions in area 51 to reverse engineer these craft. So give it up already. It just looks like they haven't figured a way to charge people for it or patent it as it is a "free" energy source, is that's why? It would bankrupt the oil companies. The government may get some of their paycheck from them to shut up....allegedly.

With all that being said, I would definitely not want to be abducted by an alien that wants to do all those crazy experiments on my body because he thinks we are not advanced enough to care one way or another!


MikeC said...

Okay, you sold me. Consider yourself bookmarked. Know that I'll be around lurking. Thanks.

charkstudios said...

Thanks Mike C! I will be creeping around your blog too. Fascinating.