Saturday, August 29, 2009

Om Meditation

I've been practicing the Om type meditation for a couple weeks now and it is amazing how it clarifies the mind. It is basically just focusing on the breathing by using the exhaling of breath along with an Oommmmmm sound. At first I felt like a real idiot sitting there making funny sounds, but it actually has a lot of benefits:

1) The vibration of the sound clears up the nasal joke...try it.

2) Helps remove negative junk from the mind and your pure essence comes out without all misconceptions, including falsehood created by other folks who try to define who you are.

3) It focuses the mind so that your activities are clarified and you do things in the moment very well, rather than running around doing a lot of things very badly.

4) If you are going through a lot of stress it helps relieve it.

5) It helps pave the way before you start meditation on particular subjects like compassion, how to improve oneself, solving complicated problems and dealing with difficult people.

This bracelet has a lotus engraving which represents an awakening to the spiritual side of life. The actual lotus flower grows up from the mud and sheds that muck and grime when it it is a popular symbol for overcoming life's troubles.

I like to wear this type of jewelry when meditating as it hones in on a positive thought pattern. Only positive thinking will help one get through obstacles as it strengthens and prepares us to look for solutions to problems rather than just focusing on the problem.


Michael Bentley said...

I'm practising mindfulness meditation as a way of relating to physical pain rather than simply reacting to it with fear or anger or panic. Meditation is a great way of experiencing life more objectively in the middle of this very stressful and complicated world. Hard to do, but worth it! I'm glad it's helping you, and the jewellery is nice too!

charkstudios said...

Thanks Michael. I presume from your comment that you must be going through some sorry for that, but hopefully your meditation helps!