Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Polymer Clay Junkie

I'm having loads of fun with my new artist medium...polymer clay. Its sort of like playing with Playdough, but you get to bake it to make jewelry out of it. Of course it will still stick to the furniture, get the cat hair all up in it, make an impression of your thumbprint you can take down to the FBI office so they can keep a record of you...etc.

This project just required me to do a little cutout craziness. It involved making a miniature landscape all out of clay, putting it on a base slab of clay and roll the cutout shapes into the form so it will stay put. It looks "cleaner" than trying to paint a landscape on there with regular paint. Plus my eyes would not bear the strain of painting a miniature.

I think that is why photo art pendants are all the rage right now as you get a perfect little image and plaster it on some polymer and everyone thinks you are Leonardo Davinci. Of course, I think there is nothing wrong with that. I am really not a photographer and don't have a line of my own vintage type photos, so I'm gonna try this cutout technique instead.

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