Friday, October 9, 2009

Vampire Hoop Jumper and Moon Smasher

I apologize for just showing pictures of my art recently, but the reason being is that I do not have much time for taking any other type of pictures. It takes pretty much all my effort and time to create something, then I've got to transform the same space that I create this stuff and use it for a photography area!

So it is really not my intention for this blog to just be about that. When I first started blogging I had a lot of posts of poems that I created at my previous employment. It was literally to keep from going insane and keep me busy during the huge downturn in business at the company I worked for.

I would have loved to take a picture of the NASA explosion on the moon. However, I was actually grateful as I sat there on the couch while the Today show presented the bombing. The large plume of debris they expected did not happen!

I personally think they could have used that money to create greener programs here on Earth rather than spending it trying to find water on the moon..... as if we could gingerly escape this planet after we have destroyed it and go live on the moon! Maybe for a couple months until the Aliens rescue our foolish asses and cart us off to their lush green planet.

Some people thought it would throw the moon off its axis, and in turn topple the earth's axis like Nostradamus predicted in his quatrains. Or was that the Mayan prediction.....wait...that is not until 2012.

So here is a picture of what the moon bombing mission would have looked like if it was successful. And a picture of my latest attempt at saving the planet from Vampires. Fair enough?

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