Friday, October 2, 2009

Faux Bois Turquoise

Tried my hand at some Faux Bois Turquoise and the color did not come out exactly as I wanted. The popular color is a variation of duck egg blue up towards a green-blue, but this nugget is green/green! So I guess I should call it Martian Rock or some other title. Now, I know there is such a thing as green turquoise and I suppose it looks like the rough stage of the process before the nugget gets polished and primped, etc. So I guess I am satisfied that it turned out like some rock out there that we have not identified in rockdom. If there is any Geologist people out there reading this, help me identify my own creation! Here I bellow a laugh, as they are going to think I am too lazy to do my own research.

On top of all that wonderful confusion I also added an inclusion of various elements such as shark teeth (yeah, I am running with that right now!), drift wood and old diamond earrings that I clipped down and fired into the pieces. I might add that they are not real diamonds by any means, because if they were, it would be a couple carats worth! As you can tell the vein colors are different on each charm, with the shark teeth charms getting the white treatment and other three a combo of gold and common garden dirt treatment. Don't worry people, the dirt has been baked, so there will not be any chance for zombie worms popping out my chest when the necklace is worn.

I send my love out to all those people doing there own thing, whether creating something with their hands, or with their minds. Just remember that creativity cannot be exhausted. The more you create, the more creativity will come your way! Or take the advise of Jack London when he said "You can't wait for need to go after it with a club".

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it's always fun to try new things - experiment - find what we like and what works, etc - very neat post, lady!