Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Brow Beating the American Woman

Would you believe the new study that came out today that states that if woman who exercise ½ hour per day is not doing enough and should be doing an hour? What do they think we all and have our own Hollywood personal trainers with time to spare to do extra Pilates?

I think it requires some reading in between the lines. What they are trying to say is that we are eating too much overly processed foods and junk fast food that it takes that extra 30 minuets to rake the extra flab off. But, of course they don't want to hurt the food industries profits by broadcasting that flame broiled information on the morning news and pointing the finger at the shameful state of our food. Lets just brow beat women some more.

The conspiracy theorists will say the information is to insure that people who are already struggling to do 30 min per day...or maybe only 30 min per week....will surely give up on their routine. In turn, we will get sicker and fatter thicker, and then the pharmaceutical industry will get a sturdy profit this year from just one untimely announcement on the Today Show. So don't listen to all that nonsense and stick with your normal routine and add more organic and live foods to your diet.


Claudia said...

Agree totally. Regarding diet- our daughter- 11 years old- really loves to cook, and all from scratch. I'm glad she seems to be shirking processed food and I am hopeful she may represent a new attitude.
Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog- I enjoyed discovering yours because of it.

charkstudios said...

Thanks Claudia for your kind words. Good for you...having such a smart daughter who is learning about food in such a self-sufficient sort of way!

Kelly said... brother said the same thing. He's a personal trainer and thought this article would sabotage a lot of women's exercise regimes by making them give up. His advice was the same as yours...30 plus more veggies and less junk.