Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My Facebook Breakthru

Above are all the weird people who visited me as soon as I opened my Facebook page today. Just kidding. However, I am kinda waiting for all the riff raff to show up eventually. My daughter says that I should not allow so many people to see my pages, but the whole point of it for me was to social network more as I felt I was not doing enough of that.

I guess I will just shut more areas down and just allow for friend access only. I guess my curiosity is getting the best of me to see what will happen. Yes, I do watch the news and know what happened to that poor kid when that preditor found her on that site.

Anybody reading this have any weird stories to tell about Facebook besides getting in touch with people they have not seen in years? what happened to me today. Someone that I knew 20 years ago is living in Vegas and will be coming back here soon. No way would I have known that without Facebook!

Way Cool! I think....

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