Friday, September 4, 2009

Laughing Buddha

I have been meditating as part of my creative process. I start with a Om Meditation which is just a breathing exercise and on the exhale I make a sound like Oooom. It clears my mind enough to go deeper to meditate on things such as brainstorming for ideas for my jewelry. It is a way to purify the thoughts before delving deeper.

I consider myself not particularly religious, as far as practicing one doctrine goes, but deeply spiritual and like to draw from different religions in order to attain a spiritual awakening. I have read several of the Dali Lama's books, specifically "The Art of Happiness" and "How to Practice a Meaningful Life". Both have taught me that meditation is not the mystical or dangerous practice that I was brought up to believe. Was made to think that dark forces were in play and that self levitation was a goal. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The laughing Buddha is a representation of an actual Chinese monk who lived a thousand years ago who is attributed to contentment and abundance. He is so adorable that I can't help but smile when I'm wearing this bracelet. It helps me meditate on blessings in the here and now, "in the moment" if you will. If you already think you have everything you need, the universe will give you more. Give up any feeling of attachment to things and you will experience a joy unbounded.


MikeC said...

Hi Charlotte,

I thought your name was Clark. Anyway, I am on my third time reading A Course In Miracles. I am also reading The Way of Mastery for the second time. Mastery comes from the Shanti Christo organization. You won't find it in the bookstores. If you want to put your spirituality into hyperspace, give those a go.

charkstudios said...

Thanks Mike C. I'm always looking for books that "open" me up. I will keep those in mind!

Yeah, people get confused with the Chark name. It was just a name I used a lot when I used to play video games as it sounded edgy.


Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving the breadcrumbs for me to find my way here to your delightful site!

I've enjoyed my browsing around, and am just over the moon for your Buddha bracelet - gorgeous.Such a shame I'm not much of a jewelry guy.

charkstudios said...

Hi Tristan!

Thanks for mooching around and checking out my blog and jewelry! Your blog was the one to give me the idea of using a decorative background, as yours is so lovely!



love love love your work and perspective - great blog - please feel free to drop over to one of mine any time - the doors are always open - have a great day -
namaste' - jenean

charkstudios said...

Thanks Jenean-

I always enjoy your blog. You have such an expressive style that is hard to resist...very addictive!
Will be over there real soon!