Friday, September 18, 2009

Need a Vacation!

Boy, do I ever need a vacation! I am starting to get tunnel vision. I was perusing some blogger sites last night and wistfully looked at some friend's Greek/Italy honeymoon trips. Not that I want to get married anytime soon....I just need to get away on VayCay.

I would love to go back to the U.S. Virgin Islands, where my sister was born (I had a less glamorous birth location somewhere in New Jersey)and just splash around without worrying about staving off the hungry wolves (bills).

There is stress out there even when one is not a single parent, but the stress is intensified when there is a child involved. When you feel failure, for whatever reason, it makes you feel like you failed the child as well. You think?

Beautiful, broken me gets up in the morning and needs to wind up (like that anti-depression pill commercial) and keeps trying to turn the "wind up toy" key but it is hard to find that key sometimes! I guess they put them on toy's backs as it is not attractive to put in the front. In a way, that means we try to hide those moments. We turn that key by trying to treat ourselves to some luxury during the a new outfit..... or drinking that double espresso latte just to perk ourselves up.

Since I cannot afford a vacation right now, I will try to find a place within myself that will remind me of taking a refreshing dip in a tropical ocean. Maybe I will meditate on all my blessings and tell myself that I have all I need to live a bountiful life and I don't really need that VayCay.

Love this song called "I'm Here" from The Color Purple. I love to put on Broadway songs, but this one was particularly inspiring, especially in my gloomy mood I've been in lately. Enjoy!

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Karena said...

Beautiful song, I love it!