Friday, September 25, 2009

Shark Bites Hurt!

Finally found a use for these shark teeth that were just laying around! What I really want to do is take a casting of one of the best teeth and start a line of metal shark teeth pendants, but I do not have the set up for that yet.

As usual, I am making the best of what materials I have on hand, and constantly dreaming about buying more and more things that will help me achieve jewelry making nirvana. When I get a new crafting toy, like just recently getting a pasta making machine (for polymer clay), there is an immediate joy upon arrival. But it does not last as the list never ends, and there is always something else needed to achieve a certain effect, etc, etc.

I will keep dreaming about creating a separate crafting area that I hope to's a goal that is out there anyhow. In the meantime, I create my objects de art in a space beyond the kitchen that keeps getting more and more cramped with my new crafting toys. Just as long as these little "helpers" do not take over my life and suddenly develop computer brains like those Cylons in Battlestar Gallactica!



i know - it's so true about always needing/wanting another little something with which to work - a few weeks ago i was bemoaning the same thing - and my daughters gasped and mentioned how i'd just bought tons of art supplies and how could i possibly need more! but since i'd gotten those new supplies, i'd had another idea and i needed some different materials and supplies and tools for THAT project - gee, kids!!! anyway - have a great day over here!

charkstudios said...

Thanks for empathizing with me Gypsywoman! Sometimes I even find myself hiding materials from my 15 yr. old daughter! She can really lay into me, until I make some splendid craft as a direct result of the purchase....then she forgets. The whole thing kinda reminds me of women who hide expensive clothes/shoes from controlling husbands, so as not to anger them! Oh those they know how to push our buttons!