Thursday, July 23, 2009

Ancient Jewelry

I enjoy making pieces of art that creates an ambiance of going back in time to the days when all they had were natural materials. Nothing went to waste. Such as when they skinned the animals they used the hide for leather, made glue from the skins and created stuff from the bones.

I remember trying my hand at making rabbit skin glue in England. You get the skin granules at old timey art stores. Some stores over there still carry pigments in little waxen bags. It harks to the days when they used to make their own oil paints. They hand mixed powder with linseed oil and ground them together. When? During the time of Shakespeare?

Anyways, when I made the glue I had to use a double boiler. It sure smelled like skin! Not too bad though as it kinda sent one back to caveman days...sort of tribal recollections of roasting one's rival by skewering him and slowly roasting over the ritual fire pit. Also, could also make my own gesso from putting Whiting into the glue until it was of double cream consistency. I'm not sure how to transfer that into American terminology even though I'm American...but just imagine pancake batter that is not too thick or too thin.

I'm not in the mood to create something from scratch. The cute little wild rabbits in are yard are safe for one more day.

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