Friday, July 3, 2009

Italian Kitchen

I just finished a lady's kitchen with Bellagio Faux and this is the result. I did a cobblestone wall, which is harder than doing a stoneblock effect as I had to tape and paint each individual stone to give it a haphazard look. I guess you can say I was stoned to death. Or, you can say I'm stoked that I'm done. My arm is about to fall's's only a flesh wound.

Also did the rest of the kitchen in a orangy/yellow Bellagio Faux and the technique gives a marvelous effect with just one coat over a lighter basecoat. It has little particles of plaster suspended into the transparent colored glaze which makes it sort of looks like someone Hueyed up some orange tang after eating scrambled eggs. Thankfully, it does not look like that when it goes on the walls and the little particles get squashed down by one's trowel.

I'm so used to doing layers and layers of Venetian plaster to get the same effect so I've got a new friend in a paint can! I can save myself from getting tendinitis. Next time I go out to eat I'm going to bring my Bellagio paint and buy it a steak.

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