Monday, July 20, 2009

It's Black, It's White, yeah yeah yeah!

I had a marvelous time working on this commemorative collage in the black and white theme for Michael Jackson's memory. Which brings to mind how he started out a black man and ended up white man, pretty much. It really never bothered me to hear of all the latest updates in his looks through the years....figured if he was unhappy with his looks and he had the money to "make that change" be it. My thoughts on that is.... that we probably will never really know what compelled him to change his skin color....was it because of the pigmentation disease like he mentioned in an interview? Now we will never know, but the doctors that treated him do.

Or, as some mention, was it because the "man in the mirror" he wanted to erase was really his father Joe, who beat the Jackson kids to a pulp growing up? Well, it's not as if we could have just walked up to him and asked him, as even when he was alive he was prone to giving the "stage" answers to some questions. I would love to do some research and find out how many people have actually done the same whitening thing with their skin. Can we actually reverse the process and add more pigment to our skin? That would be neat to get a tan that way...if it was safe.

I think Michael Jackson wanted to compel us to ask these questions of whether it really matters if we are black or white.

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