Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Turtle Garden Sculpture & Pineapple Upsidedown Cake

Here are my latest creations. One is of the food variety and the other is of the concrete variety. Both equally messy with having to put ones hands into slimy materials.

Some people might not be able to tell the difference (these days people make these elaborate cakes and my sculpture might be misinterpreted as such)but the object representing the before and after egg shape with the turtle on top is the sculpture for my wonderful client Carolyn.

I experimented with a new bulb for the cake picture. It's supposed to make it look natural without all that yellowing that takes place during a regular indoor picture for us amateur photographers. I believe it seals the deal. It might look even bluer than usual but I suspect that is the compromise one makes to trade in the yellowy look.

The bulb is at Lowe's for around $7 and it's called Ott Lite: High Definition Natural Lighting. I tried to find it at Home Depot, but apparently they took it off the shelves as they were not selling enough of them.....I asked the salesman about it.....just in case you were wondering about my useless information skills. That seems weird as I would think that lots of people would be using them in their photo sessions. But, this is the country...I forgot. People are tending to their farms and don't have time to take photos.

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